Basic process control systems

Practical and theoretical course in basic control technology.

Technical information

Course name : Basic process control systems
Course manual : No
Type : Classroom
Course duration: 3 days
Provider : Trainor

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This course is equal parts theory and practical exercises. The course is a merge between course modules “Controlling devices” and “ Optimization of control loops”.

The course increases participants’ understanding of the characteristics of different types of processes, and how tuning the device affects control.

Target group

Electricians, instrument technicians and process technicians. The course may be adapted to suit experienced automation technicians, engineers, etc.

Subjects covered in the course

  • Basic elements of a control loop
  • Loop reinforcement in a control loop
  • Proportional, integral, derivative control parameters
  • Scale values
  • Standard P, I and D values
  • Transmitter characteristics, control valve characteristics
  • Process characteristics (level, pressure, quantity, temperature)
  • Adjusting P, I and D
  • Control device functions for
  • cascade
  • adaptive

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