NEK 410 and FME

Get to know the FME and be able to use the standard NEK 410 in your daily work with regard to the design, installation and maintenance of electrical ship installations.
35 01-02. sep. 2021 ÅlesundNorwegian
44 02-03. nov. 2021 TrondheimNorwegian
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Technical information

Course name: NEK 410 and FME
Course manual: No
Type: Classroom
Course duration: 2 days
Provider: Trainor
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The course enables participants to: • Become familiar with the contents of the FME regulations and guidelines • Use the NEK 410 standards in day-to-day work situations involving the installation and maintenance of electrical systems.

Target group

Electricians, automation technicians, engineers and others who work with the planning of electrical systems for shipping installations.

Subjects covered in the course
  • Regulations for maritime electrical installations with attachments (FME)
  • Relevant sections with guidance
  • NEK 410 part 1 and part 2 - Electrical installations on board ships and vessels
  • Part 101, Definitions and general requirements
  • Part 202, Protective devices
  • Part 302, Low voltage switch boards
  • Part 303, Transformers
  • Part 305, Accumulator batteries
  • Part 306, Lighting
  • Part 401, Installation and test
  • Part 204, Electrical and electrical/hydraulic steering gear
  • Part 501, Electrical propulsion
  • Part 507, Small vessels