Roxtec basic installation training

The course will give you the basic knowledge of installing the Roxtec transit sealing system. You will learn about the components needed for a complete system and how to install them.

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Technical information

Course name : Roxtec basic installation training
Course manual : No
Type : Classroom
Course duration: 1 day
Provider : Roxtec


This course is intended to help participants understand and get the relevant knowledge concerning installation of Roxtec sealing solutions to comply with safety regulations and standards. You will receive basic knowledge about the Roxtec regular system, and the different components needed to create a complete and safe transit sealing solution. The theoretical and practical parts will cover all installation steps, highlighting those that are crucial for correct product performance.

Target group

Electrical, automation and other personnel who work with design of or with implementation of cable and pipe transits.

Subjects covered in the course

  • Introduction and company presentation
  • Safety awareness
  • Roxtec regular system – rectangular and round
  • Installation instructions and video - rectangular system
  • Installation instructions and video - round system
  • Practical installation - rectangular and round system
  • Examination and evaluation


It is recommended that you update your skills every 4th year.

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