High-voltage systems - additional competence for offshore wind personnel

The course is specially designed for you who work with wind power and wind turbines. Gain a thorough understanding and knowledge of electrical safety, as well as experience in how to handle the powerful energy that occurs.
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Live lectures with an experienced instructor.
Course duration
5 days
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After completing the course, participants will have acquired sufficient additional competence to independently perform the operation of high-voltage systems. This includes operating electrical equipment.

Target group

Those who will hold the positions of LFK (PCEI), Kobler (Switching assistant), or LFS(PCWA) on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Prequalification Participants must have completed FSE high voltage training within the last 12 months.

Subjects covered in the course

  • Basic electrical understanding
  • Types of switches, switchboards, and equipment
  • Technical safety barriers and risk assessments
  • Dangers of electricity
  • Protective equipment and clothing
  • Leader for safety (LFS), leader for connection (LFK), and connector
  • Practical exercises
  • Voltage testing and grounding equipment
  • Planning and preparation of connection orders
  • General maintenance/inspection
  • Communication

Technical information

Course manual

No, this course does not include a course manual.

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