Exi for project personnel

Learn calculation and safety assessment of intrinsically safe systems. The course requires basic Ex-knowledge.
39 26-27. sep. 2023 TØNSBERGNorwegian
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Technical information

Course name : Exi for project personnel
Course manual : Yes
Type : Classroom
Course duration: 2 days
Provider : Trainor


This course aims to teach participants how to calculate and assess the safety of intrinsically safe systems, based on the relevant standards and regulations. Participants will also become familiar with requirements regarding system documentation and the declaration of conformity.

Target group

Personnel involved with planning and designing intrinsically safe systems, including electrical engineers, instrumentation engineers, control system designers and telecommunication engineers. Course participants must have prior training in basic Ex.

Subjects covered in the course

  • Standards and regulations
  • Zener barriers and galvanic isolators
  • Bus systems
  • Earthing
  • System documentation and the declaration of conformity


According to guidelines from Norwegain Oil and Gas (059) and the NFEA Ex-KOMP:2021 guidelines for training, the competence should be updated at least every five years.

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