Operation of Electrical Installations (FSE) – Access to high-voltage areas

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Course duration
3 hours
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During the course, participants gain a reflected attitude to electrical safety and knowledge of the risks associated with working in the vicinity of high-voltage installations such that dangerous incidents and accidents involving electricity or short circuiting (electric arcs) may be avoided.

Target group

All persons with independent access rights to high-voltage installations in order to conduct visual inspections or other work in high-voltage areas. Examples of such personnel include those working with telecommunications, snow clearance, cleaning and other maintenance tasks. The course is also relevant for personnel involved with such tasks as mowing grass, painting, repairs and other building maintenance inside restricted access high-voltage areas.

Subjects covered in the course

  • Introduction and motivation for safety work
  • Why are safety regulations necessary?
  • Why use security cards?
  • Why is electricity dangerous?
  • Risks associated with working in high-voltage areas
  • Injuries from electrocution and contact with live parts
  • Injuries from short circuits and electric arcs
  • What is the definition of work in the vicinity of a high-voltage installation?
  • Responsibility and organisation
  • The owner's responsibility and the employee’s responsibility
  • Access to high-voltage areas
  • Behaviour and high-voltage installations
  • How to behave in a high-voltage area
  • Reporting abnormal situations and damage
  • Respecting limits and barriers

In addition to the course, practical training is required in the specific installation where work is conducted.

The course meets the official requirements for theoretical refresher courses as specified in FSE § 7.

Technical information

Course manual

Yes, a physical course manual will be provided at course start.

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