Exi basic

Extension course for those who work with intrinsically safe systems. Learn installation and troubleshooting in a safe manner.
23 06-08. juni 2023 KOKSTADNorwegian
35 29-31. aug. 2023 KOKSTADNorwegian
38 19-21. sep. 2023 STAVANGERNorwegian
44 31. okt.-02. nov. 2023 KOKSTADNorwegian
50 12-14. des. 2023 TØNSBERGNorwegian
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Technical information

Course name : Exi basic
Course manual : Yes
Type : Classroom
Course duration: 3 days
Provider : Trainor


This is a supplementary course for employees working with intrinsically safe systems. The course is based on theoretical and practical exercises and gives participants a thorough introduction to basic Exi philosophy and the applicable regulations. Participants learn to carry out installation and fault finding in a safe and professional manner.

Target group

Automation technicians and others who work with test and control signals in Ex areas. Participants must have some basic Ex knowledge.

Subjects covered in the course

  • Intrinsic Safety - philosophy
  • IS marking
  • Extraction from EN 600 79-11 Intrinsically safe apparatus (Exi)
  • Energy limitation
  • Zener barriers
  • Calculations
  • Connections
  • Galvanic isolators
  • IS applications
  • Installation
  • Practical exercises in choice and installation of zener barriers.


According to guidelines from Norwegain Oil and Gas (059) and the NFEA Ex-KOMP:2021 guidelines for training, the competence should be updated at least every five years.

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