Ex Fundamentals - New edition

Learn to work safely in hazardous areas. Course for electricians, automation technicians and others personnel.

Technical information

Course name : Ex Fundamentals
Course manual : No
Type : E-learning
Duration : 6 hours
Language: English
Provider: Trainor

System requirements

This course can be run on a computer, tablet and smart phone. For handheld devices we recommend a stable Wi-fi connection. Flash is not required for this course.

Recommended minimum connection speed is 1.5 Mbps. If you experience problems while running the course, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser.


VAT is not included


This course is a mainly theoretical course intended to help participants understand the relevant regulations and standards concerning electrical equipment for use in hazardous areas. Participants learn about a range of Ex equipment, how it is constructed and where and how to use the equipment.

Target group

Electricians, technicians and engineers. The course applies to personnel who work in onshore facilities, offshore, and on platforms and ships.

Subjects covered in the course

  • Basic Ex philosophy
  • Fire triangle
  • Ignition sources, the most common
  • Area classification
  • Safe behaviour in hazardous areas
  • Marking of Ex-equipment – how do you read it?
  • Protection methods – how to use equipment safely
  • Work permits
  • Choosing cables and glands
  • Choosing cables and glands – additional requirements for Norway
  • Earth systems in hazardous areas
  • Choosing motors for hazardous areas
  • Inspection and maintenance, introduction

In order for the participant to be considered sufficiently qualified to work independently with electrical installations in hazardous areas, he or she must be able to document practical training in addition to this theoretical training. The practical training can, for example, be carried out in your own company, or alternatively Trainor offers the course "Ex installation - a practical course".

Basic Ex-knowledge is a prerequisite for getting the maximum benefit from the supplementary courses. The course forms the necessary basis for classroom courses in Exi basic, Ex maintenance and Exi for project personnel.


According to The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association guidance (059) og NFEAs guidance for training of personnel Ex -KOMP:2021 training should be repeated every 5 years.

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