Ex 003 and 006 Installation and testing - Certification

If you wish to take the certification examination in IECEx Ex 003 and 006 Installation and testing, reserve your place here.

Week Date Place Language Avail. Price
11 12. Mar 2020 Tønsberg English 5 4 700,-

Certification information

Duration: 1 day
Price: NOK 4 500,-
Language: English Korean

IECEx CoPC is an international scheme for the certification of personnel associated with design, installation, operation and inspection in Ex areas.

Trainor Certification is an official organisation for the certification of personnel.


To take the certification examination in Ex 003 and 006 Installation and testing.

Target group:

Personnel working in electrical, automation and related fields with the installation and testing of Ex equipment.

Participants must already have IECEx certification in unit 001 Basic protection principles for Ex areas. In addition, participants must be qualified electrical professionals with at least 3 years relevant practical experience.

Course subjects:

The certification meets the requirements of IECEx CoPC, and is conducted by Trainor Certification. Details of the certification are found at www.IECEx.com.

Participants should make themselves familiar with
●   IECEx 05
●   IECEx 05A
●   IECEx OD502
●   IECEx OD503
●   IECEx OD504
On passing the examination, candidates will be issued with an IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competence.


The examination is in English and includes both theoretical and practical questions. Examination duration: 5 hours and 40 minutes.

Certification application
The completed application form must be sent to copc@trainor.no. Evaluation of your qualifications and experience will be carried out by Trainor Certification. Candidates who meet the requirements for certification and pass the examination will receive the IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competence. Regular re-certification ensures that the certified person maintains the required level of competence.

Fee for certification: NOK 4 700 per participant. When you have passed the examination, a certification fee of NOK 2 500 must be paid to IECEx for the first issue of a certificate. Updating an existing certificate to include new modules costs NOK 1 000. We reserve the right to adjust these fees in line with IECEx.

Link to application form: https://www.trainor-certification.com/apply

If you need further information on the IECEx system for personnel certification, please contact Trainor by telephone 47 33 37 89 00 or email post@trainor.no. Website: www.trainor-certification.com.

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Trainor AS +47 33 37 89 00 post@trainor.no

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