Earth testing

Basic course. Completion of this course gives participants knowlegde of basic measuring techniques and methods, and the most frequent causes of measuring error. Participants also learn apout methods for evaluating measurment data, and on the basis of this, be capable of developing documentation in accordance with applicable regulations and norms (FEF:2006, NEK 440, NEK445 og NEK 400).

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Course information

Course name: Earth testing
Duration: 2 days
Price: NOK 7 400,-
Language: Norwegian


This basic course provides an introduction to measuring transitional resistance and earth resistance. Participants learn to conduct tests, analyse the results and document that the transitional resistance in a high-voltage installation meets the requirements of applicable norms and regulations.

Target group:

Operation and maintenance personnel, fitters, and supervisory personnel from power companies, electrical companies and industrial plants.

Course subjects:

●   FEF 2006 § 4-11 Earthing systems
●   Safety while measuring
●   Local/global earth
●   Electrode systems
●   Soil resistance
●   Measurement methods
●   Measuring equipment
●   Operational-earthing tongs
●   Interference
●   Analysing measurements
●   Documentation


The course lasts for two days and includes both practice and theory. The practical part takes place during the second half of day 1 and the first half of day 2, outdoors at the installation. All participants must bring visibility work clothes, a helmet and protective footwear for use during the practical training.

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