FEF and NEK 440

On completing this course, participants will have gained an understanding of NEK 440:2011 and relevant sections of FEF 2006.

Week Date Place Language Avail. Price
18 29-30. Apr 2020 Gardermoen Norwegian 9 8 900,-
44 29-30. Oct 2020 Gardermoen Norwegian 12 8 900,-

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Course information

Course name: FEF and NEK 440
Duration: 2 days
Price: NOK 8 900,-
Language: Norwegian


On completing this course, participants will have gained an understanding of NEK 440:2015 and relevant sections of FEF 2006.

Target group:

Planners, administrators, engineers, electrical fitters, operations managers, and others working with electrical supply systems.

Course subjects:

●   Relation between the regulations, guidelines, norms and REN sheets.
●   Central points in FEF and NEK 440 with reference to applicable REN sheets and comments in “Elsikkerhet” – the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning’s publication on electrical safety.
●   FEF 2006 – Regulations related to electrical supply systems, with guidelines
●   Introductory provisions
●   General requirements for planning, implementation, alterations, operation and maintenance.
●   Documentation and notifications
●   High-voltage installations
●   NEK 440:2015 – Power installations in excess of 1 kV
●   Basic requirements
●   Earthing methods
●   Insulation – insulation values
●   Electrical installations
●   Protection and control
●   Earthing systems – purpose and design
●   Touch voltages and methods for calculating permitted touch voltages
●   Metering and maintenance


Course participants should bring their own copies of FEF and NEK 440 with them.

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