How to optimize PID controller settings

Many PID control loops run with poor PID settings which may cause unfortunate control system dynamics, poor control loop stability and/or too aggressive control actions. In this course you will learn effective methods to optimize the PID settings!

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Course information

Course name: How to optimize PID controller settings
Duration: 1 day
Price: NOK 6 200,-


Participants will learn how to optimize the PID controller settings based on knowledge of the process dynamics, which are found from simple experiments or from relatively simple mathematical models.

Target group:

Professionals in the industry with knowledge of basic automatic control, as well as teachers in automatic control.

Course subjects:

●   Simple dynamic process models for level, temperature and motion.
●   Process Dynamics
●   Review of the PID controller function
●   PID tuning with the Skogestad method
●   Ziegler-Nichols methods and their variations
●   Lambda method
●   Gain scheduling


It is assumed that you are using your own PC in the course. Software (LabVIEW Run-time Engine, which is free) for running simulators must be installed before the course. Information about installation of software is provided in due time.


Course requirements: Knowledge of basic automatic control, corresponding.

The course gives the following competence/qualifications: The course provides solid competence in optimal PID tuning, but gives otherwise no particular formal qualification or competence.

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