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Course participants

Can I take a course at once?

Yes, of course you can.

  1. Register as a user
  2. Find the course you want
  3. Pay by credit card

Click here to see how to register as a user.

I you want to know more about how e-learning works you can watch this video.

I forgot my password!
  1. Click the login box up on the right in menu bar at the top
  2. Click on Forgot password
  3. Enter username or e-mail
  4. Click Reset password
Can I take your courses on tablets?

No, not quite yet. We are currently developing that possibility.

General conditions for e-learning courses

Access to e-learning course

Before you can take an e-learning course from, you must register as a user of the website. First order the course you wish to study and when your order has been registered, you will be sent a username and password. You must start your course during the current calendar year, and it will then be available to you for 8 weeks from the date you started. An exception is our courses in Hot Work, which are available for 3 weeks only.


E-Learning course charges

The licence may be transferred to another user for an administration fee of NOK 100. If price adjustment occurs, this will be charged to the client. Prices are exclusive of VAT (mva).


System requirements for e-learning courses

  • We recommend a broadband connection to run the course.
  • Adobe Flash player, version 14.x or more recent.
  • The computer running an e-learning course must not be protected by a firewall that prevents Flash (which communicates with our multimedia server) from running. The firewall must also accept cookies. If you are uncertain of these details, please contact your IT manager.
  • When running our e-learning courses through Citrix or similar solutions you may experience a reduced quality in the audio and or visual elements.
  • If your line capacity is lower than these recommendations or of variable capacity, you may experience some waiting time while running the course.



Trainor AS assumes no responsibility or liability for any incident or injury, including consequential damage, resulting from misinterpretation of course contents or from incorrect information that may be given during an e-learning course.

How can I get a user account on

If your company has an agreement with Trainor, consult with your Trainor administrator so they can create a user for you.

If not:

  1. Click the login box up on the right in the top menu bar
  2. Click on: Register as a new user
How can I find my old course certificate?

Old Course Evidence You'll Find My Page.

  1. Log in and go to My Page.    
  2. Look for the card with the title Completed course.
  3. If you have more course certificates, you can find them under "View list"
  4. Here you can print the course certificates for the latest courses you have passed.
  5. Select your language
  6. Choose format
  7. Click download course certificate


How to register a new company?
  1. Click the login box up on the right in the top menu bar
  2. Click Register new company
  3. Fill in the form
  4. Click send information
How to register a new user when you are an administrator?

See video here.

  1. Log in
  2. Click My Company
  3. Click the New user in the Users column
  4. Fill in the fields
  5. Click Create Account
How can I pay for courses?

You can pay either by credit card or by invoice.

To get an invoice, you must be registered with us with a company account.

How do I order courses for others?

See video here.

To order a course for someone else, you must have a user on with administrative rights and you must be logged in.

  1. Login
  2. Click on course in the top menu bar on the left side
  3. Use the search function and the check boxes find the course you want
  4. Click on the appropriate course
  5. Click Order
  6. Click Add to participants
  7. Tick the participants you require
  8. Click Add
  9. Click: To payment
  10. Select payment method
  11. Fill in any reference if required
  12. Click: Confirm Order
Administrator functions

As an administrator, you can:

  • Register, modify and delete users
  • Organize users in operational units
  • Assign courses to your staff or co-workers
  • Access the participant reports that provide useful print-out features and keep track of your users' course status
  • Receive notification when the e-learning courses are completed
  • Receive notification when your staff or co-workers need to update their skills in certain fields (e-learning courses only)
  • Print out course certificates
  • Delegate administrator rights to others in your company


Hvordan setter jeg opp integrasjon mellom Trainor og OCS?

Fra og med 1. januar 2016 er fullt integrert med OCS. Det betyr at alle våre kunder som bruker HR-systemet OCS kan bestille, tildele og gjennomføre Trainorkurs direkte i eget HR-system. Rapporter og oppdatert kompetansematrise vil være tilgjengelig i OCS når et kurs er gjennomført. Slik går du frem for å legge til Trainor som kursleverandør:

Vi anbefaler at du leser igjennom bruksanvisningen fra OCS før du starter integreringen. Kapittel tre omhandler oppkobling mot kursleverandør:


ocs skjermdump


Følgende felt må fylles inn av en med superbrukerrettigheter

Web Service URL:


Den får du ved å sende en forespørsel til

Username og Password er brukernavnet og passordet for hver enkelt administrator på Husk at alle som skal bestille fra OCS HR må ha egen bruker og være firmaadministrator på


Dersom du bruker Self Service må følgende fylles inn

Direct E-learning URL

Completion Time Limit


Klikk på Test Connection for å sjekke om alt er riktig konfigurert.


Synkronser brukere

Før du bestiller kurs første gangen er det viktig å synkronisere brukere. Hvis du ikke gjør dette risikerer du dobbeltregistreringer på Se avsnitt 3.2.2 i bruksanvisningen øverst i dette dokumentet.



Deretter må du hente ut kursene som skal være tilgjengelige for bestilling og koble opp disse mot kompetanse i deres system.



Vi gjør oppmerksom på at prisen på kurset vil være den samme uavhengig av om du bestiller kurs på eller i OCS.

Trenger du hjelp til å sette opp koblingen? Kontakt oss.

What browser do I have?

To check what browser you have got, press this link:

Download TeamViewer

TeamViewer lets a support person from Trainor remotely control your computer and give you assistance. Not all companies allow this, so check with your administrator if you are unsure.

To download TeamViewer press this link:

API for HR-system

Information on how to connect an HR-system to Trainors API can be read in this article:

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