How Trainor handles Covid-19How Trainor handles Covid-19

Trainor monitors and follows the current advice from the Directorate of Health and the Institute of Public Health at all times. You can find updated information and advice from the authorities here:

The public health information and recommendations of the Corona virus form the basis for the measures taken by Trainor.

Measures taken at Trainor

Based on the authorities' recommendations for limiting the Corona virus infection, we will cancel all our scheduled classroom courses up to and including 26.03.20. The measure has immediate effect.

Cleaning and hygiene:

  • Extra cleaning of contact surfaces such as handles, coffee machine etc has been introduced 
  • Antibac is offered in the entrance (by the coffee machine) and in the canteen
  • Posters with infection prevention measures are hung in the entrance area, by toilets, canteen etc.


Trainor Canteen is closed until 26.03.2020.

  • Portion-packed food is offered to participants in the canteen, Trainor employees are required to bring their own packed lunch.
  • Stopped offering sliced ​​fruits, nuts, dried fruits, non-portioned snacks
  • Reduced number of seats in the canteen to accommodate recommendations about 1 m distance between guests.

(Applies for Trainor Headquarter's canteen. )


Other measures:

  • No foreign business travels for Trainor employees
  • Domestic business travels are redused to an absolute minimum
  • Employees works from home when possible
  • Risk assessment of employees' private trips abroad.
  • Extensive meeting activities in Teams/Skype, or other interaction platforms.
  • Trainor's employees refrain from hugging and hand greetings


The measures are continuously assessed and supplemented on the basis of information from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, input and requirements from customers, as well as Trainor's own assessments based on this.

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