We have made it easy for you to stay professionally up to date and ensure that your employees have the necessary safety training at all times. High professional quality is crucial when Trainor develops e-learning courses. Our top professional experts are therefore responsible for the contents. Together with creative and innovative multimedia designers and system developers we create interesting courses that are easy to understand. Choose from the selection in our course portfolio or allow us to customise courses for your company.

Training where you are

Our e-learning courses can be taken where and when suits you best.
All our courses have been created by professionals with extensive experience and strong expertise within their professional fields. They have worked in multiple fields and know where the problems lie.
Together with an excellent multimedia development team they have adapted the professional content, educational theory and practice as well as design so as to leave you with maximum knowledge for your money. Trainor is just as dedicated to quality as we are to safety.

Because we know that your day is busy and may involve interruptions and unexpected tasks we have designed the courses so that you can take breaks at any time and resume the session later. We also give you exercises to do during the course. This will help you test your knowledge and remember better.
You can easily view your course history using our course portal and you will also be able to access your course certificate.

Extensive experience of digital teaching

In the 1990s Trainor was one of the first companies in the country to offer training using CD-ROM.
Since then it has been important to us to stay abreast of developments and offer flexible solutions to make life easier for our customers. We conduct thorough quality assurance and take customer feedback seriously, ensuring that we can always provide you with up-to-date knowledge using modern solutions and a well thought out design.

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