The Competence Overview gives you:

  • Full overview of your employees' competence
  • Total overview of the company's approved courses
  • Automatic updates
  • Information about who needs to take new courses
  • Opportunity to link the company's competence to the right people
  • Quick access to important documentation
  • An easier way to put the right person on the right job
  • Control over who needs new training

Did you know that the company's competence is the manager's responsibility?

Do the employees in your company have the required competence? It's the manager's responsibility to make sure they do. Our competence overview ensures that the requirements set by the authorities, insurance companies and a large number of organizations are met.

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Make sure you meet government requirements

Authorities, insurance companies and a wide range of organizations make demands on what your employees must be able to do. The competence they must possess depends on the profession and areas of responsibility. It must be correct and up to date. You can make sure you comply with all of this by using the competence overview.

A useful everyday-tool

Has everyone taken the annual safety course? Who can perform maintenance on this machine? What driver's licenses do my employees have? On a daily basis, there are many small and large practical questions related to work tasks and who can do what. The competence overview can help you with all of this, making your job easier.

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Fully integrated with your systems

Integrating the competency overview with the systems you already use is easy and has many advantages. As soon as this is done, you will get a full overview of your employees, which courses they have completed and which courses they have scheduled. You also see clearly who needs training or to update their skills.

Curious about how it works?

Click here and see how the competence overview works in practice.

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