This is how it works

Cardholders have their safety cards available in the Trainor app.

From there they can now also sign in and out of facilities. The app shows which facilities are nearby, and a few clicks are all it takes before the people at the operations center can see that personnel have been registered.

Sign in to all types of facilities

Facilities can be transformer stations, substations and overhead lines - in short, everything you can sign in for. When you have to do work at a facility, it is crucial that the operations center is aware that personnel are in the facility, so that unwanted incidents as a result of automatic switch-on can be avoided. When the work is done, you sign out again, so that the operations center knows it is safe to connect.

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Easier and safer for the operations center

Easier and safer for the operations center

The sign-in and sign-out function simplifies everyday life at the operations center considerably, as it gives the center a full overview of who is at the facility in real time. Away with phones and lists on Excel or paper - now you have everything gathered on the screen.

The system contains a full history of the activity around visits to the facility: Who has been there, when and for how long. Safe for personnel, easy for the operations center.

Full API integration

Via Trainors Rest-API, data can be sent to your own system so that the activity is displayed in real time also outside of The API can also be used by locking systems to verify that those who come with the key card have a valid card.

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Full API integration