Need help keeping track of who knows what?

It's not always easy to keep track of what competence your employees have got. Authorities, insurance companies and organisations all have demands when it comes to what each person should know based on tasks and responsibilities. It is the employee's leaders responsibility to make sure that all personell at all times have the correct and updated competence within all required fields.

In addition there are practical concers - Who can maintain this machine? Has everyone completed the yearly safety course? Who has what drivers license?

Trainors Competence Overview is made to help you with these problems.

Want to try?

If your employees have taken courses through Trainor you might already have started. We have predefined some of our most common courses and completing these will automatically update the overview. In addition you can add one of your own custom competences with level requirements for free. If you order the expanded access you can add an unlimited amount of competences and level goals.

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Lars Bratli

Lars Bratli

Teamleader Digital - Trainor Elsikkerhet AS


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