The overview

You can find the competence overview by going to "My company" and clicking on the button in the box called "Competence".

In the overview, you can see skills horizontally and people vertically. To sort the rows, you can press the field under the competence name and select the sort type. To filter the entire table, you can start typing in the search term field above the overview and get suggestions for what can be filtered. Here you get suggestions for what can be applied for based on person, competence and labels. If the competence is associated with one or more courses, there will be a shopping basket next to the competence name. By clicking on this shopping basket, everyone with outgoing or expired competence will be added to a shopping list. Press the Order course button above the overview to choose which specific course the person should have. Press a name to see a short overview of the person's competences, goals and labels.

Person competence display

An active person competence can have three statuses; approved, outgoing and expired.


All fields in the table are clickable.

Competence explain

1. Active/inactive - Shows whether the person must have the competence. If this is on, the system will notify when the person's competence expires or has expired. The switch is automatically turned on when a course connected to competence is completed.

2. Date - Shows when the person's skills must be updated. If the competence does not expire, it will only say "Valid".

3. Status icon - Has a tick if the competence has been approved, a clock if it will soon expire or a no access sign for expired competence. What is meant by leaving soon is defined per competence.

4. Shows the user's level of competence. This is set manually per person per competence. See the admin page for level settings.

5. Competence target - You can define that the person should achieve a higher level of competence and set a date for this. If a level target has been set, a plus will be displayed at the top right of the current level.


Skills list

On this page, you get an overview of all competencies set up in your company. You can see details and change them by clicking on the fields.

Competence type : This is the name of your competence that will appear in the matrix and under person view for competence.

Courses : Here you can link courses from to your skills so that these are automatically updated upon completion.

Levels : Here you can choose whether the competence should be linked to a set of levels.

Validity : Here you can choose whether the competence lasts forever, or whether it must be updated - and if so how often.

Notifications : If you want a notification to be sent out when a competence is about to expire, set this up here.

Options : Click on this if you want to attach labels to your competence or you want to delete the competence. NOTE: If you delete a competence that is not linked to a training course, this will be removed from everyone who has completed it.


Under settings you will find 2 options - Labels and Levels.

Labels can be used to make it easier to understand what the competence is, who it is for or to group it with others and look it up later. On this page, you can see your tags and tag groups, create new ones and edit them.

Levels . If a competence is used for different levels, you can create a level set and set, filter and search for them here. For example, if you have a Forklift competence, you can have the levels "Can drive", "Can drive and repair", and "Responsibility for forklifts". This makes it easy to find someone who can drive, repair or is responsible for the company's forklifts. Under this page you can create and edit your level sets.

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