Everything you need to know about the ATEX directives. Course for manufacturers, workshops, engineers, buyers, electricians and more.
19. feb. 2024
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19. feb. 2024 - 10:00:15:00
23. mai 2024
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23. mai 2024 - 10:00:15:00
23. sep. 2024
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11. nov. 2024
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Course duration
5 hours
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The aim of this course is to gain insight into the regulations which implement the ATEX directives and associated requirements. Participants gain an understanding of the requirements on the construction and use of equipment, and requirements on the employer and workplace.

Target group

Manufacturers, authorised workshops, engineers, buyers, and managers of electrical, mechanical and maintenance activities. The course is also suitable for electricians and mechanics who wish to learn about the ATEX directives.

Subjects covered in the course

  • Contents from the regulations related to the ATEX 2014/34/EU directive (FUSEX)

  • EU directives

  • The link between regulations and standards

  • Harmonized ATEX standards

  • Areas of application

  • Definitions

  • Safety requirements

  • CE marking

  • Documentation

  • Conformity assessment

  • Contents from the regulations related to the ATEX 1999/92/EC directive (FHOSEX)

  • Purpose

  • Definitions

  • Who the regulations apply to

  • Risk assessment

  • Zone classification

  • Improving safety

Technical information

Course manual

Yes, a physical course manual will be provided at course start.

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