Ex for mechanics - ignition-source control

How can you control ignition sources? Choosing the correct working methods in accordance with rules and regulations that apply to installing, maintaining and repairing non-electrical equipment.
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1 day
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Having completed the course, participants will have gained a good understanding of the following:

  • Knowledge of legislation applying to the prevention of explosions caused by non-electrical equipment.
  • Know the requirements applying to different types of equipment and how to avoid/reduce the probability of an ignition source developing.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of equipment for use in potentially explosive areas (ATEX).

Target group


Subjects covered in the course

  • Framework regulations and operational regulations, the intention of regulation §10a
  • Potential non-electrical ignition sources
  • A summary of zone classification and explosion risk
  • Visit to Karsten Moholt's workshop where repairs of explosion-protected equipment are carried out
  • Methods for restoring technical barriers on heavy rotating equipment (Ex equipment)
  • Measures for reducing explosion risk
  • Summarised information on the 60079 series and choice of norm
  • ISO80079-36/37
  • EN1127
  • Ignition-source control, preventing electrostatic sparks, heat caused by friction, and hot surfaces.
  • ATEX labels on non-electrical equipment
  • Examples of licences for mechanical equipment
  • Selecting new equipment for use in potentially explosive areas
  • What is defined as maintenance and what is a repair?
  • Re-licencing non-electrical (mechanical) equipment and how to restore Ex barriers on Ex equipment

Technical information

Course manual

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