Electro thermography - NEK 405-1

Basic knowledge of using infrared cameras regardless of application. Participants can take the certification exam on the last day of the course.

28-30. mai 2024
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28. mai 2024 - 09:00:15:00
29. mai 2024 - 09:00:15:00
30. mai 2024 - 09:00:15:00
04-06. juni 2024
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04. juni 2024 - 09:00:17:00
05. juni 2024 - 08:30:17:00
06. juni 2024 - 08:30:17:00
27-29. aug. 2024
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27. aug. 2024 - 09:00:17:00
28. aug. 2024 - 08:30:17:00
29. aug. 2024 - 08:30:17:00
15-17. okt. 2024
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15. okt. 2024 - 09:00:17:00
16. okt. 2024 - 08:30:17:00
17. okt. 2024 - 08:30:17:00
03-05. des. 2024
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03. des. 2024 - 09:00:17:00
04. des. 2024 - 08:30:17:00
05. des. 2024 - 08:30:17:00
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Live lectures with an experienced instructor.
Course duration
3 days
How much time the course takes. Se details in the course table.
The language the instructor will speak during the course.
Who has produced and is responsible for the content of the course.

You may use your own camera.

On the last day of the course you may take the examination through Nemko or DNV. This is an electronic exam, so please bring your own laptop. An additional fee is charged for the exam.
Please decide whether you will be taking the exam on the last day of the course, and whether you wish to become certified by DNV or Nemko.

Before taking the course please follow the links below for information on the certification scheme in the companies. You will also find registration forms to fill in and send to Nemko or DNV before starting the course.

Links NEMKO: https://www.nemko.com/no/personellsertifisering

DNV: https://www.dnvgl.no/services/elektrotermografi-52221

NB: The exam is only possible if at least 5 candidates register to take it. The exam may also be conducted at a later date at your local public library. This must be arranged directly with Nemko or DNV.


This course will provide participants with:

  • knowledge and understanding of the use of thermal information
  • gathering, storing and interpreting thermal energy for subsequent analysis
  • knowledge of elementary concepts such as temperature, heat, reflection, and infrared radiation.
  • knowledge of the technical possibilities and limitations of a thermography camera.
  • a foundation in how to use infrared cameras in various areas of usage
  • sufficient training to satisfy the requirements in NEK 405-1 for electro-thermographer certification in electrical installations.
  • the foundation needed to take a NEMKO or DNV exam

Target group

Personnel who wish to gain a foundation in the use of infrared cameras, for all areas of use. The course meets the requirements set out in NEK 405-1 regarding thermography qualifications. This makes the course particularly relevantt for those wishing to become certified thermography specialists for NEMKO or DNV.

Subjects covered in the course

  • Heat and radiation
  • Definition of temperature, heat and thermal energy
  • Heat transfer
  • conduction, convection and radiation
  • Thermodynamic laws, radiation laws and Black-Body theory
  • The electro-thermal spectrum
  • Infrared measuring techniques
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Temperature measurement
  • Making corrections for ambient factors
  • Error factors in measurements
  • The thermography camera’s technical possibilities, limitations, and measurement functions.
  • General use of instruments for thermography
  • Measurement fields and dynamics
  • Thermal focusing and optical focusing
  • Summary of areas of usage
  • Electrical work, construction, mechanics, etc.
  • Reporting of data
  • A report’s contents and structure
  • Filing records

Technical information

Course manual

No, this course does not include a course manual.

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