FSE low-voltage and first aid for electrical accidents

FSE training with first aid module for those who work with low-voltage electrical systems.
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Technical information

Course name : FSE low-voltage and first aid for electrical accidents
Course manual : Yes
Type : Classroom
Course duration: 1 day
Provider : Trainor


This course helps participants develop a greater awareness of electrical safety thus reducing the risk of injury and material damage. Course participants receive practical training in first aid (CPR) for victims of electrical accidents.

Target group

Electricians and automation technicians who work with and carry out maintenance on low-voltage electrical plants.

Subjects covered in the course

  • The role of being a Safety supervisor (low-voltage)
  • Structure and contents of FSE
  • A closer look at central sections in FSE
  • Why is it necessary to have regulations related to safety with work and operation of low-voltage plants?
  • Consequences of electric shock and electric arc injuries
  • Central injury statistics
  • Human error
  • Safety thinking
  • Protective equipment
  • How to behave at the scene of the accident
  • Priorities and treatment
  • Injury caused by falling
  • Electrical injuries
  • Electric shocks (heartbeat disturbance)
  • Electric arc injuries
  • Fire injuries
  • How to perform CPR (theory and practical training)
  • How to use AED
  • The most common acute illnesses
  • Common reactions to crisis situations

The course meets the official requirements for updating theoretical skills as specified in § 7 of the FSE regulations, except for rescuing from a height. FSE training courses must be retaken at least every 12 months (see FSE §7).

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