Solar cell installation - Introduction

39 26-27. sep. 2023 TØNSBERGNorwegian
43 24-25. okt. 2023 TØNSBERGNorwegian
47 21-22. nov. 2023 TØNSBERGNorwegian
50 12-13. des. 2023 TØNSBERGNorwegian
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Technical information

Course name : Solar cell installation - Introduction
Course manual : Yes
Type : Classroom
Course duration: 2 days
Provider : Trainor


To give you a deeper understanding of how a solar cell system should be planned, designed and installed.

You will also learn the technical requirements for installation, with accompanying responsibilities and documentation.

Target group

Anyone who wants to learn about practical and theoretical aspects of solar cells and solar cell installations.

Subjects covered in the course

  • Electrical safety understanding
  • Dead working
  • Work in the vicinity of live parts
  • Live working
  • The structure of the different solar cells
  • Calculations
  • Lifetime consideration
  • DC
  • Dangers
  • Cable laying
  • Introduction to regulations
  • Protection, Earth fault switch and short circuit currents
  • Distribution systems (IT, TT and TN)
  • Components
  • Inverters
  • Fixing material
  • Solar panel
  • Placement
  • Documentation and final test

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