work together for exam assignments

Find someone to work with

Do not sit alone with the preparations, find someone you can work with. An effective way is to practice on previous exam assignments, which works both on your own and when you work together with others.

Answer what you are asked

It is easy to think that you should impress with all the knowledge you have. Avoid this and instead make sure you answer the questions you are asked.

person taking note
Justify your answers

Justify your answers

This shows that you know the subject and know what you are answering. Remember to refer to laws, regulations and norms in the your answers.

Prepare mentally

This is a tough test and it's easy to get nervous or hurried. Try to find peace before the actual test day by exhaling and lowering your shoulders.

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Answer as an installer

Enter the role of professional manager when taking the tests.

Are you going to take the electrical installer test?

During our preparatory courses, you will receive a theoretical review and close professional follow-up so that you are as prepared as possible!

Classroom Teaching
Karl-Magne teaches

Karl Magne Pettersen is a senior instructor at Trainor Elsikkerhet AS who has taken, and passed the electrical installer test himself and has a lot of good advice. - Exam is difficult, but not impossible. You can get extra nervous when you hear about people who failed, but you have to try to put that nervousness down, says Karl Magne.