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Using the API, you can connect your company's systems to and for automatic transfer of personnel, expertise, orders, security cards and course certificates, etc. Trainor offers a variety of options, you can find more information below.

Trainor API


Do everything from your HR system


User data is updated at all times


Save time on manual operations - integrations


Trainor offers a free and open REST-API that can be used to fully integrate your company's systems with Trainor. Through the API, you can in principle do all relevant tasks, such as retrieving course catalogs, synchronizing users, completing course orders, retrieving course certificates, etc.

The API can be found here:

Feel free to contact us to get started.


LTI is becoming an international standard for remote e-learning courses. More and more HR and learning systems have this as built-in functionality. The setup is very simple and you can be up and running in a few minutes. With LTI, all course content is with Trainor, and will be updated at all times. Users and orders are created when a user starts the course. Course certificates are also generated and sent to the user after completing the course. This option is completely free and we will help you get started. What we want from you is a list of which courses you want to run from your system.

Remote SCORM

Trainor also has a proprietary alternative to systems that do not support LTI: Remote SCORM. Instead of us sending you large, static course packages in zip format, you will receive a small file that remotely runs the course from Trainor's servers. The benefits are the same as with LTI, with automatic user and order generation. This option is also completely free, and we will help you get started. What we want from you is a list of which courses you want sent.

Traditional SCORM (1.2 and 2004)

We can also offer traditional SCORM packages in cases where this is desired. With traditional SCORM, the course content is not updated, course certificates are not awarded - and started courses / order basis must be reported manually to Trainor. This entails extra work for both you and us - so we prefer to try all other options first. - integrations offers a free Rest-API that makes it possible to retrieve and deliver data to It can be used to maintain data from its own personnel system (HR) and deliver the information on completed courses from the company's own course system (LMS). Information can also be shared with other management systems such as DMS.

HR : Personnel can be created, updated and deleted directly.

LMS : Completed courses can be sent directly from the company's course database to the personnel in

DMS : Updated information can be retrieved to the control and monitoring system

To use the API, you need your own login information. This is issued on request.

The API can be used for all retrieval of information to proprietary and specially developed systems.

The API can be found here:

Microsoft Azure AD / Office365

If your company uses MS Azure AD, logins on can be set up to be authenticated against your own systems. In this way, we ensure that the user is the person he or she claims to be, and ensures that users who have left your company are not logged in.

This is a free service from Trainor. Get in touch and we will help you get started!

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