Our expertise - your safety

We carry out inspections and technical consulting on regulations and standards for electrical systems offshore, maritime installations and land facilities. Our IECEx-certified inspectors conduct inspections of electrical systems in areas at risk of explosion.

Our experts have strong expertise and broad experience and several of them participate actively in various standard committees and working groups both nationally and internationally, including NK 31, NK 64 and NK 18 as well as IECEx working groups.

We can assist you with:

Z-015 inspections

We carry out detailed inspections of containers and temporary equipment before they are shipped offshore. We also carry out document control and verification of checklists.

Consultancy services

We offer consultancy services and inspections within offshore, maritime and land-based regulations.

IECEx Inspections

We offer consultancy services within inspection of electrical equipment in Ex zones in accordance with NEK/EN/IEC 60079-17.

Trond Løfquist

Sales contact - Trainor Elsikkerhet AS

E-mail: salg@trainor.no

Phone: +47 33 37 89 00