All measurement certificate and data in one place

Gathering information by measuring the transition resistance and calculating the earth potential elevation, it becomes easy to have an overview of the condition of the earth electrodes in the company's facilities.

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Check your data

Log in to check if the substations, transformer station, switching stations, power transmission lines and power stations meet the relevant regulatory requirements.

Good overview

All measurement certificates are in one place, combined with a good search function which provides a powerful and useful tool. A quick search can give you an overview of systems that do not meet current requirements, and you can also get information on which electrodes must have a 10-year inspection.

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Easily accessible to important information

The measurement certificates form the basis for documentation that all owners of high-voltage installations are required to be able to refer to supervisory authorities.

App for measurement in the field

If you download the Measurement Base application, you can document the transition resistance in the field. Provides quick access to measurement certificates associated with an object, so that it can be filled in and saved. The person making the measurement is directly notified if the object satisfies the requirements for contact voltage.

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Control and measurement in the field

Overview map

A useful overview map shows the position of selected objects. In this way, you get both information about the transition resistance, but also the ability to analyze objects in relevant areas against each other.

Measurement data and history

All variable measurement data are documented in the measurement database. This makes it easy to check whether the performed measurements are relevant and of good quality. In later inspections, the values can be compared to assess the condition of the ground electrode over time.

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