ISO certified, proud and safe

Of course we are ISO certified. This means that you can be sure that the job that is performed satisfies all the requirements that are set.

We measure everything

Regardless of whether it is a matter of measuring earthing systems on line networks, for measuring in complex industrial plants and large power stations, we can measure and control it. All in accordance with updated regulations and norms.

Our expertise

Trainor's tasks include everything from measuring earthing systems on grids to measuring large, complex industrial facilities and power stations. We carry out measurements of transition resistance for earth electrodes, earth connections and resistivity, and prepare documentation pursuant to regulations and standards.

Our methods

We use modern, efficient measuring methods for checking earthing electrodes and ground connections, and provide all necessary equipment and highly qualified personnel to head the entire measuring task. All our engineers and assistants complete annual updating on FSE (high and low voltage) and first aid courses, and if you wish, your personnel may participate in measuring tasks to learn some of the basic principles of measuring techniques.

State-of-the-art equipment and methods

Modern, efficient measurement methods. Highly qualified personnel. Safety at all levels. Full documentation of all work.Want to know more or order a control?

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Take the measurement to the next level

If you register in the measurement database, you will collect all measurement certificates in one place, at the same time as you get useful tools that take electrical safety to the next level.

  • All measurement letters together
  • App for measurement in the field
  • Overview map and analysis tools
  • Good search features
  • Structured documentation


Power injection measurement

Resistivity measurement

Documentation requirements

Measuring equalising connections

Database for earthing plate measurements

Earthing plate measurements

Committed to safety

We follow the procedures in Trainor's Quality Assurance System, which includes specific requirements with respect to the execution of measuring tasks and the use of protective and safety equipment.

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Benjamin Abrahamsen

Benjamin Abrahamsen

Project Leader - Trainor Kontroll og Måling AS


Phone: +47 917 06 217

Ivar Andre Toms

Ivar Andrè Toms

Team Leader - Trainor Kontroll og Måling AS


Phone: +47 986 04 365