Professional quality and flexibility

At Trainor, we place our honour on the line to always supply professionally updated courses and maintaining awareness of any innovations in our discipline. You and your personnel will always be met by professionally strong instructors, who have had experience in the field. Our goal is to see that you get the most out of the course. Therefore, we focus on keeping our instructors up-to-date in their fields through studies, training and cooperation with the authorities and sector organisations.

We hold courses at our own training centres in Tønsberg and Trondheim, on our client's premises and in external course premises both in Norway and abroad. We also design customer-specific courses on demand.

The knowledge you need

Installation, operation and maintenance of electrical facilities are regulated by laws for regulations from the authorities. The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB) and the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority set requirements for qualifications for all those who work with electrical faclilities. FEK (Regulations concerning electro enterprises and qualification requirements for work with electrical systems and electrical equipment) describes how competencies shall be documented in the company's internal quality assurance system.

Our courses are based on the authorities' requirements and the sector's guidelines. In this connection, we refer to the following guidelines:

  • High voltage course for engineer officers (STCW 2010) Regulations concerning qualifications and certificates for able seafarers of 22 December 2011 no. 1523
  • 059 Offshore Norway, Recommended guidelines for electricians' competencies
  • IFEA's curriculum for training Ex equipment and installations in electrical systems.
  • IECEx personnel certification for personnel working with equipment, installation and service in Ex areas (new international scheme)

High voltage laboratory

For the implementation of practical tasks, we have built two high voltage systems - one in Tønsberg and one in Trondheim. In addition, we have our own laboratory in Tønsberg for training and examinations in accordance with IECEx personnel certification.

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Trainor's commissions include everything from measurements related to earthing systems on grids to measurements in large, complex industrial facilities and power stations.

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Team training knows that safety is not a box you tick once a year. That's why we share our knowledge every day with up to 100,000 people in Trainor's professional forum. Professionals come here to ask questions or read answers about all possible issues within electricity, automation, Ex and regulations. You don't know Trainor's professional forum yet? Check it out:

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Team training is possibly Norway's most knowledgeable collection of experts on FSE, hot works, Ex, automation, electrical noise, battery technology and regulations. With high professional precision and committed, up-to-date and skilled instructors, Team training gives your company the expertise you need to ensure a safe working day.

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Recognized Training Provider

Trainor is approved as RTP of the international electrotechnical standardization body IECEx. That means we meet IECEx on their stringent quality requirements for training of personnel working in hazardous areas.

Trond Løfquist

Sales contact - Trainor Elsikkerhet AS