What we believe

What we believe

The important of making sure people get home just as whole as when they went to work.

Work should be something that brings about a sense of satisfaction.

We hold ourselves responsible for the well-being of our planet and contribute to the local community.

We value honesty and support each other in both success and adversity.

We believe in diversity, giving everyone the same opportunities and respecting each individual.

Employees have a safe and secure working environment in Trainor, and they also have a good time at social gatherings outside of work

Why work at Trainor?

Common to us who work at Trainor is that we want to contribute to a positive, safe and secure development in the workplace. We also want to have a good time at work. Trainor is a stable workplace with people in focus, both at work and at social gatherings outside of work. With us, you get to be an individual at the same time as you are part of something bigger.


Cafeteria and snacks

Cafeteria and snacks

We want you to have the energy to do your best. Some snacks and a cup of coffee when discussing with colleagues is a natural part of everyday life. For greater hunger, we have a canteen with lunch every day.

Training support

Training support

If you are an active type, we will cover part of your membership to a gym or sports club. In addition, you get one hour of your working time per week to spend on staying active.

Social events

Social events

Not every social activity that happens at work needs to involve drinking. Track and field races, game nights, dinners, paintball, escape rooms and boat trips are just some of the things we have done recently.

Pension savings

Pension savings

It might not be something you think about if you are still young, but with Trainor you get a solid and competitive pension agreement. Maybe this is why so many of our employees stay for so long?



Our insurance agreement makes sure that you get the best deals for all your insurance needs. We know that good insurance means security.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

Do you like to get up early for work? Or sleep longer? Our core working hours are 9-15, and like everyone else, we're getting good at working from home when it suits you. In summer we also have shorter working days.

What our teams say

In an active everyday life, it is good to know that you have an employer who understands that flexibility is important. Such independence brings out the best in me and makes me feel valued.

Martin Aas Ødegård
Martin Aas Ødegård Course Coordinator

It is about listening, guiding and giving advice to our customers. It's about competence that we can offer this through e-learning, webinar and traditional classroom courses. Great diversity provides our customers with flexible solutions for their development.

Rolf Kinck
Rolf Kinck Sales Advisor

Not many companies have such a large in-house digital department as wide as Trainor. Getting involved from the idea stage to launching a solution is something I really appreciate.

Ciara Cao
Ciara Cao UX designer

As an instructor, I constantly face new professional challenges that continuously help me develop. Tailoring courses to each individual participant, meeting new people and hopefully helping them maintain their health, gives me motivation every day.

Ole Michael Holth
Ole Michael Holth Instructor

My passion lies in working with design, 3D and video to create the good stories that engage and evoke emotions. It's fun to work with innovative technology that facilitates just that.

Line Aspheim
Line Aspheim Art Director

I work with some of the country's foremost experts in their fields, and at the intersection of heavy professional engineering expertise and state-of-the-art technology. It is incredibly inspiring to see how specialists in different fields find each other and develop new solutions by learning from each other.

Charlotte Solvang Ølstørn
Charlotte Solvang Ølstørn Receptionist
Headquarters Tønsberg

Working in Tønsberg, Norway

In addition to havin offices located centrally in Tønsberg, one of the country's nicest cities, everything is in place for a good life outside of working hours as well. Here you get proximity to the sea, great hiking areas, fresh air, good cafes, nice shops, a sunny square and a short distance to both Oslo, other cities and everything needed for a good life.

Open positions

Exi Kursutvikling TRA 03429 1080 Foto Heidi Storm Middleton

Instruktør Ex

6. mars 2024

Hos oss får du utvikle og dele din kunnskap om elektro i eksplosjonsfarlige områder.

Karl Magne teaches

Innleid instruktør

10. august 2023

Brenner du for sikkerhet og ønsker å formidle dine kunnskaper til andre? Vi er på utkikk etter en engasjerende person til å planlegge og gjennomfør...

Didn't find anything that matches your expertise? Our door is always open - send us an open application at post@trainor.no!

Didn't find anything that matches your expertise? Our door is always open - send us an open application at post@trainor.no!