What exactly is an arc?

Yes, if a short circuit occurs, a kind of plasma bridge (ionization) occurs between the phases, which causes the current to "migrate" in the air! This creates a current path in which the current travels in the form of a luminous arc between the two leading points.

What is dangerous about arcs?

First and foremost, power. The current seeks the shortest path between the arc extremes. This could cause some materials to catch fire or explode. For humans, the flow through the body can cause seizures, cardiorespiratory disturbances, and in the worst cases, death.

What's dangerous about arcs?
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Do you know what is important?

There is quite a lot worth knowing. Like you have to think about how to reduce the event energy in the arc and what can be done to prevent or limit the arc. Yes, you even need to have the knowledge of how to dress.

What is the best way to learn about arc hazards?

Of course, we think that our own e-learning course Electric arc hazards - an introduction , is the best way to learn. Our e-learning is specially adapted for professionals and their everyday lives!

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