Database for earthing plate measurements

Trainor has for many years supplied measurement certificates as part of the documentation for earthing electrodes for the electrical energy sector. Now, we have developed this system to include a new database. With administrative rights, you can simply log in and check all data on earthing electrodes for the grid station, coupling stations, power transmission lines and power stations that belong to your business.

Excellent search features

The new database collects all measurement certificates in a register and has excellent search features.  You can quickly and easily obtain printouts of the network stations that do not comply with contact voltage requirements, or information on which electrodes must undergo a new 10-year check.

Unique tool for condition monitoring

A good overview of the electrode system quality is an important link in the safety work. In the database is a unique tool to implement the correct and most cost-efficient measures for electrodes that show non-compliance, whether it is adjustments to the cut-off time, establishment of potential equalisation around a grid station and establishment or adjustment of the coil box network. An administrator can directly read out the calculated contact voltages for the facility, which are also shown on the measurement certificate.

Documentation of earthing electrodes

The measurement certificates in the database form the basis for the documentation all owners of high voltage systems are required to have and to be able to show the regulatory authorities.  The database provides unified information about the electrode systems which simplifies the overview and improves the quality.

Full-scale measuring method

The database makes use of a full-scale measuring method that provides an informative view of the measuring set-up and makes it simpler and more easily overseen, to analyse the results.  All the necessary reference values are saved automatically when the measurements are added to the database.