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Trainor API

Trainor API

Using an API you can connect your company's system to and enabling automatic transfer of data on personnel, qualifications, ordering security permits and course certificates etc.

Trainor offers a range of alternatives, see below.

Some of the advantages of API:

  • Simple – do everything from your HR system
  • Secure – continually updated user information
  • Efficient – save time on manual operations - integrations


Trainor provides a free and open REST-API for fully integrating your company systems with Trainor.  Through the API, you can complete all relevant operations such as finding course catalogues, synchronising users, booking courses, generating course certificates, etc.

Here is the API: 

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LTI is becoming the international standard for running e-learning course remotely. Increasingly, HR and learning centres are using this inbuilt functionality. The setup is simple and you can get started in a matter of minutes. Using LTI, all course contents are available at Trainor and updated continuously. Users and bookings are generated when a user starts a course. The system also generates course certificates and sends them to the user on successful completion of a course. This option is free; we can help you get started. All we need is a list of the courses you wish to run from your system.

Remote SCORM

Trainor has developed an alternative for systems that do not support LTI: Remote SCORM. Rather than sending you large static course packs as zip files, you receive a small file that runs the course remotely from Trainor's server. The advantages are the same as with LTI, including automatic generation of users and course bookings. This option is free; we can help you get started. All we need is a list of the courses you wish to run.

Traditional SCORM (1.2 and 2004)

We can also provide traditional SCORM packages if this is what you prefer. However, traditional SCORM does not update course contents or generate course certificates, and you must report manually to Trainor when courses are started. This involves extra work for both you and us, so we recommend looking into other options first. - integrations provides a Rest-API that allows you to both find and send data to This may be used to update data in your own HR system and send information on completed courses from your company's own course system (LMS). Information may be shared with other control systems such as DMS. 

HR: Personnel data can be created, stored, updated or deleted directly. 

LMS: Information on completed courses can be sent directly from the course database to for the personnel it applies to. 

DMS: Updated information for the control system can be sourced

In order to use the API, you need logon information which can be provided on request. 

The API may be used to find all information for your own specially developed systems. 

The API is available here.

 To get started, please contact us! 


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