electrical equipments

Good routines provide higher security

Are the devices I use in order? What is the condition of the extension cords? Is anyone working on the course I'm studying? A few simple and straightforward questions before you start your errands are a smart and effective way to prevent electrical hazards from occurring.

Check the extension cords

Check the extension cords daily, preferably continuously throughout the day. Make sure that the extension cords are not pinched, that they are not faulty, and that they are not connected in an incorrect way. Using an extension cord that is too long is also dangerous. If you're good at keeping an eye on extension cords, you can avoid fires and serious injuries.

Check the extension cords
Man gives CPR

Damage can occur long after a power outage

How much damage a current passage causes depends on the current, duration and how through the body it passes. In addition to the fact that internal burns and heart complications can occur in secret, the heart can actually stop for several hours after the event.

Call a doctor right away

Everyone who is exposed to current should be examined by a doctor as soon as possible. Call 113 immediately.

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accident with electricity

All power accidents MUST be reported

All accidents with electricity MUST be reported to DSB.

Courses can provide knowledge for life

At Trainor, we believe that many of these accidents can be avoided. Want to learn how to avoid it? Check out our super helpful course on electrical safety in construction and construction sites here. Yes - you can do it digitally and learn anywhere.

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