We offer inspection and documentation of earth electrodes on:

  • Distribution network
  • Line network
  • Industrial plant
  • Secondary stations
  • Power stations

Measuring technique

There are various methods for measuring the transition resistance and the quality of earth electrodes. We adapt the measurement method according to the customer's wishes and the scope of the facility. As a customer of Trainor, you get full follow-up by qualified personnel with a high level of expertise in measuring methods and equipment. The result of the inspection is analyzed and documented in relation to the current regulatory requirements for earthing systems.

Formal requirements

In FEF:2006 , FEL and NEK 440:2015 there are specific requirements for checking the earthing system. Among them, important and exposed parts of the earthing system must be checked periodically, and at least every ten years.

Benjamin Abrahamsen

Benjamin Abrahamsen

Project Leader - Trainor Kontroll og Måling AS

E-mail: benjamin.abrahamsen@trainor.no

Phone: +47 917 06 217

Ivar Andre Toms

Ivar Andrè Toms

Team Leader - Trainor Kontroll og Måling AS

E-mail: ivar.andre.toms@trainor.no

Phone: +47 986 04 365