Incoming questions and answers:

Is there an active check in the solution that follows up that the person has a valid security card for the facility in question with valid access? What happens if the person currently Don't have a valid security card with access?

To be able to register via the solution, you must now have a valid and active security card, but we do not take into account which crossings you have. It will still be the instructions in force at all times that will determine whether or not you can enter a facility.

Will the existing SMS solution for Statnett, among others, be replaced by this app solution?

This solution can replace existing solutions for check-ins and check-outs. In some cases, it can also live in parallel with e.g. SMS solutions. This depends on the customer's wishes and the possibilities available in the existing solutions.

Is there any additional cost for this service?

Signing in and out is an additional service to, the cost will depend on the use. Get in touch for a customized offer.

How does this work against the Powel DMS - operational control system? Can you get a list of where people are registered? How much does the solution itself cost, and how much does it cost to get it into DMS?

As always, data from can be shared with other systems, including operational control systems. The data is therefore available, but it often requires an adjustment from the supplier to get this in elsewhere. The best answer is to contact the supplier and inquire about how this can be achieved.

Feel free to share our information page for restAPI with your supplier. , there is good information here. The use of the API is of course secured and a separate access is required to use it.

Can the solution also be used for signing in and out of places that do not require a sikkerhetskort?

The solution is basically designed with electrical installations that require a security card in mind, but will also be able to be used for other check-ins and check-outs. A "security card" is then issued to the personnel, but then without the traditional crosses on the cards.

Trond Løfquist

Sales contact - Trainor Elsikkerhet AS