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Are you an electrician working in an explosive area?

A new and better course is here for you! The digital course provides you safety training for working in hazardous areas.

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Who is the course suitable for?

All electrical professionals who perform work that is considered to be explosive in onshore facilities, ships and offshore.

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This is an educational course. Do a good and thorough review of all the elements you need to know. recommended!

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Why eLearning from Trainor?

  • Market-leading eLearning
  • Time saving
  • Focus on real situations
  • Visually driven
  • Made as professionals want it
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Requirements for practical competence

Documented practical competence is required for everyone who works with the installation of electrical equipment in Ex areas.

This training can be performed internally in the company. If necessary, you can get practical training at Trainor. You can find more about this here.