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Working on ex equipment

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The new course in marking mechanical Ex-equipment addresses well-known issues, put in a position that you are familiar with. Animations, sound effects and good storytelling technique make the course engaging and easy to follow. Then it will be easier to understand what you are learning !

The course is specially adapted to mechanics, operators, craftsmen, instrument personnel and everyone else who will do a job in an Ex-area.

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Are you up to date on Ex-marking?

Labeling Ex equipment can be complicated, and many people find the labels confusing. To be able to assess equipment you bring into, or use in an explosive area, you MUST have knowledge and skills that allow you to solve the task in a safe way. Both for yourself and those around you.

This means that you must be up to date on what the label means.

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A very useful course. Now I know how to read the nameplate according to ATEX and IECEx. I highly recommend this course.

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Who needs this course?

Do you work in areas with gas or dust that can be explosive? Do you work, for example with installation and maintenance of pumps, gears, brakes, hydraulics or compressed air driven equipment or rotating parts that can create friction or sparks? Are you going to design facilities, install or maintain mechanical equipment, or are you responsible for personnel who are to carry out work in hazardous areas?

The course is based on the ISO standards on Ex-marking of equipment, and will help to document competence, which is required by law to be done for everyone who will work in an Ex area in FHOSEX §9 and §14 .

The course is suitable for both electrical personnel, mechanics, instrument personnel, craftsmen, equipment suppliers, sand blowers, plumbers, engineering personnel and all other occupational groups who are to carry out their work in hazardous areas.

Working on ex equipment
ex equipment

You'll learn this

This course will ensure that you can read and understand the nameplate to determine where it will be used, and how the equipment will be protected.

You will learn how the numbers and letters on the nameplate relate to zoning, and gas or dust in your workplace.

Where do you work?

Where you work in the world has established guidelines for applicable directives, and standards. Therefore, there are two variants of the course: IEC / ISO and ATEX marking of mechanical equipment for those who work in Norway or towards the EU / EEA, and IEC / ISO marking of mechanical equipment for those who work internationally.

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E-learning is easy, safe and effective. Learning about labeling Ex equipment can be done anywhere, anytime.

  • Perform on mobile, PC or tablet
  • Answer tasks along the way
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