Filling in work instructions for hot work

What's new?

Everything! And that's just as well. A completely new experience, inspired by games and film, will provide a more smooth experience. In addition to the course looking good and being engaging, pedagogical tools have been used that make it easier to remember what you have learned over time.

Approved by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association

The course is approved by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association, valid for 5 years and meets the authorities' requirements.

Worker uses hot air gun
Worker lying on the ground after accident

Made to be remembered

Although the course is digital, it is practically oriented. The new course is made with two goals in mind - that the participant should pass and that you should remember what you have learned. This means, among other things:

  • Focus on real situations
  • Visually driven
  • Engaging learning
  • Continuous testing

How does the e-learning work?

Easy. All you need is a computer, tablet, mobile phone or other type of gadget that works. After logging in, do the following:

  • Start the course
  • Answer the exercises given
  • Take the exam digitally

In addition to e-learning, you must complete a practical firefighting exercise. It can be taken from us at Trainor or from other approved institutions. You will receive your certificate from the Norwegian Fire Protection Association when you have documented the extinguishing exercise.

hot work on tablet
Close-up of welder

Who needs a Hot Works certificate?

Anyone who performs tasks that create high heat in areas that are not specially adapted for it. If you are going to weld outdoors, cut roof tiles on a construction site or use a hot air gun in a basement, amongst others, you need a certificate for that.

This means that there are many out there who need this certificate. We are happy to help you find out if you or your people are among them.

The certificate is:

  • Valid for 5 years
  • Valid throughout the Nordic region
  • A requirement in regulations from insurance companies