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FSE Lavspenning med førstehjelp

FSE Low-voltage with First Aid

Have you taken your annual FSE course? The training is required by law and increases safety for you who work with electrical systems.

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Varme arbeider1

Hot works

If you do work that creates sparks, work with an open flame, hot air tools or create high heat in other ways there is a good chance that you need a certificate in Hot Work. Look forward to an educational and engaging experience. To get a certificate you also need a practical fire extinguishing exercise.

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Adgang til elektriske anlegg1

Access to electrical installations

Increase safety for workers with access to high-voltage areas, thus minimizing risk to yourself and others in the proximity of high-voltages.

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Competence Management

Who knows what? Keep track of your employees courses and competence with reminders, company, department, and single employee overviews.

Sikker adferd i Ex omraader

Safe behavior in hazardous areas

Learn how to work safely in Ex areas. The authorities require documented training in explosion prevention for all who enter Ex areas.

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FSE for instruert personell med foerstehjelp

FSE Instructed Personnel with First Aid

Course in electrical safety for personnel carrying out simple operational tasks such as replacing fuses and resetting protective devices in electrical installations.

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Ex kurs

Ex course

Learn to work safely in hazardous areas. Courses for electrical, automation and other personnel.

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HMS Arbeidsmiljoe ansvar og konsekvenser

HSE when handling work equipment

Certified safety training Module 1 for driver of crane, truck and mass transfer machines.

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AUS lavspenning

Live Working – Low Voltage

Advanced course for those who do live working at low voltage systems. The course focuses on a practical approach and the correct use of protective equipment.

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Control and Measurement Ivar Andrè

Control and measuring services

Control, measurement and documentation of earthing connections. We make the documentation easy for you.

Full overview of access, keys and competence - one of Norway's most used security card system. All available online and in app. - Jørn

Full overview of access, keys and competence - one of Norway's most used security card system. All available online and in app.

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