What is hot work?

Hot work is more than just working with tools that create sparks or open flames. It is all work that creates some form of heat, and which can pose a fire hazard. It can be anything from using a heat gun, doing roofing, sharpening skates and more. In short – are you going to carry out work that creates heat? Then you probably need a certificate.

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What should I do with the certificate?

Good question. The certificate is proof that you have completed approved training that meets the requirements set by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association. The training gives you absolutely necessary knowledge that can both save lives and ensure that you can carry out the job safely. You will receive a certificate as proof that you are actually allowed to carry out the work you are supposed to do.

What am I learning?

A lot. Among other things, hazards when using different types of tools, how heat and fire can spread, risk assessments, the Safety Regulations and other relevant regulations, documentation, how to put out fires and much, much more.

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What are the safety regulations?

The safety regulations describe the insurance companies' requirements for a certificate for everyone who is to carry out hot work. It refers to work instructions that must be filled in every time you have to do hot work. We have actually created a small course of our own on completing the work instructions - and right now you can take it absolutely free!

Who needs a certificate?

Everyone who is to carry out hot work, but not those who carry out the work in a room specially prepared for it.

How does the training take place?

As it suits you. Both in the classroom and digitally. Many people take the e-learning course. This means that you can take the course anywhere, anytime. The course ends with an exam and an extinguishing exercise. The extinguishing exercise must be done in a suitable place, no later than 2 months after completing the course. Your company can also organize a fire drill itself, as long as they have a suitable place and the necessary equipment.

How long is the certificate valid for?

5 years throughout the Nordics.

What happens if I am not certified?

By not having enough knowledge, you put yourself and your workmates at risk. When you carry out hot work without having a certificate, you are also breaking the insurance agreement between the company you work for and their insurance company. The agreement requires that you who carry out hot work have, and can document, the necessary knowledge, through certification in hot work. This could mean that your company becomes financially responsible if something goes wrong. All good reasons to take the course now!

Are there many who do not have the certification?

Most people who know they must be certified have a certificate. Unfortunately, there are also some who should have had it. It is probably because one is not aware that a certificate is required for the work they do. Perhaps you don't know that the tool you use can pose a fire risk, or that the work you do is classified as hot work.

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Published 06/12-2020 21:50

The Fire Protection Association has drawn up a list of occupational groups that are covered by the certification scheme for hot works. Check your occupation here.

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