Trainor does not use subcontractors for services such as support and technical assistance. Only a selection of employees at Trainor in Norway has relevant access to customer data.

For physical data storage, Trainor uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) data centers in Ireland and Germany. AWS is certified under Privacy Shield. Read more here:

For file and version control, Gitlab is used. No personal information or other configuration is stored that can give access to personal information. These data are stored in Ireland and the company is certified under Privacy Shield.

E-mails are sent through Microsoft Office 365 datacenters in Irland. E-mails can contain personal data such as name and e-mail.

When ordering courses, the company administrator can send an SMS to the user. The SMS contains personal data such as name and phone number. Our sub processor of SMS-services are Intele AS.

In addition, it is possible to pay by bank card and VIPPS via NETS. Trainor only shares order ID and sum with NETS, which handles payment with the user's bank. Read more about NETS and privacy here:

For more information, please contact Trainor's Data Protection Officer.